Hello from the other side

16 November 2021

Hi there.

Janina is the name. Janina Morgan. Born in the Highlands, raised in the Netherlands. After 25 years on the other side of the pond I decided to go on an adventure. Just something different, change of scenery, back to the roots, change of culture and all of that jazz.

With a background in video, marketing, production and organising I went looking for a job in the Highlands. It didn’t take me long to find Story + Stage. Through speaking to people in the area, someone pointed out a new job was opening up at Story + Stage. Digital content creator. Music to my ears.

A bit about me

My passion for film and photography started years ago. I was so intrigued by the emotions you could see through a picture. The picture was telling a story, portraying a deeper meaning. Like they say: ‘a picture could say a thousand words’. Cliché, right?! I know. But sometimes it is just the way it is. Video is the exact same.

I want to make videos or productions that will be remembered. Not by the whole world, but by the people who matter to you. But my passion doesn’t stop at video. I love organising, creating and concepting. I love to be productive and make people happy. If I can do that with my creativity and enthusiasm then I’m happy.

First month at Story + Stage

My first day at Story + Stage started on a sunny Monday morning. Yes, sunny. The drive to work was lovely. On the first day the whole team made me feel very welcome. After seeing what the office was all about and getting to know the team a bit better, enjoying a nice tea break that Mairi loves to facilitate, it was straight to work. Dave took me to my first filming day at a lovely location here in the Highlands. Sightseeing, meeting new people, getting to know the workflow here at Story + Stage all at once. A great first day.

As I heard in my first week, November is going to be busy. Very busy. So I went straight into it. Learning whilst doing is something I enjoy and something I feel really is the best way to learn. My skills were put to the test by getting my own projects. With that and google as my best friend my first week flew by. After a week like this you just know if you fit or you don’t. And I am confident to say, this was a very good step and I am very happy getting to know the lovely team here and I feel at home straight away.

As the weeks have flown by, I have gotten to know the team, to know a lot of new people through projects, tried out new techniques with cameras and edits and I have loved every minute of it. Like Dave says: It doesn’t really feel like work when you love what you do!