6 Steps To Making Marketing Videos That Stand Out!

17 May 2021

It can be an extremely daunting experience when creating a marketing video that is right for your brand. That's why we thought we'd share our 6 steps to making marketing videos that STAND OUT using our previous experiences.

Step 1: Establish Your Video Marketing Goals

Every successful marketing project must clearly establish the key performance indicators they want to get out of the video content that is to be created. These could be:

It is vital that you set an overarching goal for the marketing video you are going to create as this will influence decision making throughout the remaining steps.

Step 2: Establish Your Audience

To make effective marketing videos, you must know the ins and outs of the audience you are intending to target. What do they like and what kind of content do they like to share?

Here is a checklist to work through to ensure you are defining your audience with detail:

Step 3: Establish The Type of Video Required

Here you must consider factors such as budget, goals, resources and the taste your previously established target audience to determine what type of video to produce for your marketing.

Social Media Videos - quick, mobile & desktop compatible and can be exported in multiple formats.

Video Advertisements - more informational and a more direct call-to-action.

Video Promos - to announce a new product/service, new feature, new events.

How-to and Explainer Videos - can use animated/motion graphics, designed for both mobile & desktop.

Step 4: Develop Your Creative Ideas

The right marketing video ideas combine the previous three steps outlining what you want as a brand to convey to your target audience. What do your buyers find interesting, informative and entertaining? Can this be used as an able to gauge their initial interest?

We also recommend using humour where possible. Everyone enjoys a laugh and more often than not, comedic value and humour results in an increased chance that your video will go viral - the dream right?!

Step 5: Include a Strong Call-To-Action

It is vital that you include a call-to-action instructing and prompting viewers what to do after they have watched your video. If you don't tell viewers what to do, they won't do anything you want them to do - simple as that!

We recommend using the following call-to-actions:

Try not to include more than 2 call-to-actions as you may confuse the viewer and negate the effectiveness of your marketing video.

Step 6: Promote, Promote, Promote

Finally, it's is time to show your audience your new marketing video. As they say, create once, distribute forever! Depending on the resources available to you, we recommend doing the following to increase the potential reach of you marketing video:

So there we have it, 6 simple steps to make sure you get the most out of your video marketing. Here at Story + Stage we help make sure your marketing video grabs your audiences attention using our years of experience. If you would like to discuss how we can help create the right video for your business, get in touch with our team.